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Plastic grid for the extraction of propolis

Description of Product
We supply a special elastic plastic grid placed on the top of the beehives under the cover.


- Bees cannot grow on the lid, but cement the holes of the plastic grid.

- The grid can be easily removed and placed in a freezer. Because of the cold the propolis is brittle and comes off by slightly bending the    grid.

- The grid also causes air to circulate, preventing moisture and improves the indoor climate.

We supply cuts mats and piece goods.

Dati tecnici:
Material:    EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate)
Hole size:   2 x 2 mm
Thickness: ca. 1,5 mm
Weight:      ca. 460 g/qm
Edges:       cut

We will send you more information, samples and offers upon request.

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